Never settle. Live on your terms.


Hey there.

I am guessing that you are the type of person who knows there is more to life than mindless phone scrolling and working a job you hate.

You value experiences over products and creating something meaningful over empty consumption.

This book is the framework and the simple steps to break free of the status quo and live a life you choose instead of the one you have been told.

I'm Alex Starr by the way.

I was living life on autopilot after college and it left me feeling stuck, lost and in debt to my eyeballs.

So I decided to take a different route that led me to become a:

🔥 Wildland Firefighter who was stationed in Arizona on an Initial Attack Crew for 3 years

📚 Best-selling Author

🎧 Podcaster who spoke with 100+ free thinkers and reached over 100,000 people in 30 countries.

I took all the lessons learned along the way and wrote this book for you.

It's a beautiful paperback. It's $9 and will show how to make improvements in your life, income, and relationships.

And I will cover 100% of the shipping costs.

Because the world isn't going anywhere, but your life is.

In the Rewrite the Rules book, you’ll learn:

  • The 1 easy goal to accomplish every day to get in touch with your intuition and finally trust yourself

  • Real-world examples from 8 people who have already broken free of the status quo and are now having more fun, making more money and doing less work than the rest of us 

  • 7 simple steps you can take this week to make and keep friends to live the social life you've always wanted

  • The 5 questions that will fundamentally reprogram your brain to do whatever you want

  •  Behind-the-scenes stories from my travels like ayahuasca trips in the Colombian jungle and narrowly escaping death as a Wildland Firefighter (humble brag moment)

"A must read for anyone who knows there's more to life than what they're currently doing."

— Rahma C.

What readers say

"One of those books you'll read over and over. I needed this book"

Chelsea Glass
Explorer & founder of Heart of Travel

"This book spoke to me directly. I HIGHLY encourage any other fellow risk-takers & discomfort chasers to read this book"

Hamza Abdallah
World traveler,
COO ThriveOnLife

"Alex takes you on a phenomenal emotional and spiritual journey to find the truth of having a life worth telling your grandkids about."

Cody McLain
Founder of the 86th fastest- growing company in the US

What do you want? Who do you want to be? What makes you happy? These are basic questions that many of us forget to stop and answer as we blaze through life on autopilot. This book shows you exactly how to live life on your own terms.

— Natasha W.